Yippee For Yellow!


It’s that time of year when thoughts turn to seed sowing, or at least to sorting out the seed packets and checking what needs to be dealt with when. There are visions, too, of new planting schemes – as in trying to remember where things are in the garden. With some plants you never do know. The Welsh poppies are complete vagabonds and can pitch up in the most unlikely quarters. Likewise the dandelions, the little gate-crashers. Needless to say, the garden must have plenty of yellow. Got to keep the bees, bugs and butterflies well fed. In the meantime, here’s a reprise of some of last summer’s best yellows.









Life in Colour: Yellow

48 thoughts on “Yippee For Yellow!

    1. Thank you, Marilyn. I think I only used the macro setting on my point and shoot. Sometimes it’s hit and miss. But sometimes it WORKS! Especially if I spend hours in the garden.

  1. Haha… yes that springing bee is fabulous. And more Dyer’s chamomile. Odd that I don’t see Welsh poppies growing here, you would imagine the perfect climate for them in Cornwall. I saw loads in the lake district.

    1. I do try to love dandelions – says she who yesterday spent a good hour at the allotment in high wind and drizzle hoicking them out of the paths. I know they’re so good for us too – roots and leaves, and good for the soil. And they make great photos. And as you say, they are cheery to look at. Oh, the chopped logic!

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