Waiting At The Severn Valley Railway


Ghosts of travellers past, or reflections from across the track? I truly cannot say.

This week’s Thursday’s Special cue is WAITING. Paula’s stunning piece of graffiti made me think about trains, and how, as a child, I seemed to spend a lot of time waiting for them, and mostly on Crewe Station. Anyone who knows about the history of railways will know that Crewe is the railway junction, gateway to the north-west of England, and one of the world’s first railway stations (completed in 1837). Being a country child, I used to find it all a bit alarming: shunting, clanking, whistles, whooshing, hissing, porters, trolleys, oil, iron, coal, steam, strangers…

By contrast, the Severn Valley Railway, seems like a dream, although all the same ingredients are there – relics of the age of steam. Strange to think that this includes me too.

28 thoughts on “Waiting At The Severn Valley Railway

  1. I love your relics of the age of steam, but I will never see you as one – I promise. The image is captivating with reflections or ghosts of past travelers, and even the luggage up front suggest a lot of waiting. I have one word for it – genius!

  2. That is a lovely photo with a feel of past times. I love the colours – almost as if they are from old slides of some sort, like the first Kodachrome. Needless, to say that the reflection is what really makes this photo. Very nicely seen and captured.

    1. Much appreciate your lovely comments, Otto. The photo was taken on a very dull winter’s day, but somehow it worked with the colours on the station. Though it does make me wonder how that reflection could happen at all 🙂

  3. I love trains. The Providence-Worcester line runs through Uxbridge. It was also one of the first completed lines … March 12, 1844. But the station is now closed, turned into a real-estate office (a beautiful office!) and the train just whistles through town, no stopping.

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