Operation Floral Sat Nav ~ Bee Makes Bee-Line For Foxglove


Yesterday at the Farrell establishment we had bees in poppies. Today it’s bees in the foxgloves, and thank you to Lynn at Word Shamble for mentioning bees and foxgloves in the comments. This reminded  me I’d taken these snaps earlier in the month just before the foxgloves went over. I was trying out my new second-hand Canon Ixus 870 – and oh, the nippy little macro setting – I’m in love with it!

Also please drop in at Lynn’s blog to read a wicked piece of flash fiction: it definitely has a sting in the tale/tail.

Now for more shots of bees. Also just look at the foxglove’s come-hither devices  – no ‘Sat Nav Map Error’ here; but an intricate systems of dots and splodges guiding in any would-be pollinator to get pollinating.  It looks like every little ‘glove’ has its own touch-pad access code:




Cee’s Flower of the Day

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Details

35 thoughts on “Operation Floral Sat Nav ~ Bee Makes Bee-Line For Foxglove

  1. Those photos are amazing Tish! Such lovely detail on both bee and flower. Do foxgloves have ultra violet markings to guide the bees in? I know some flowers do. Gorgeous. I can hear my bumbles now. And thank you for the mention – you’re very kind 🙂

  2. This is a great post , both for the gorgeous, incredible photos and the interesting read…

    Lately I couldn’t comment any of your posts , for my new device (iPad) didn’t allow me to respond to my co-bloggers’ entries…..

      1. yes, I’m sorry it’s been a while. I have been neglecting all my favorite bloggers being so caught up in the affairs of the world. I cannot blog about Beauty when my heart hurts….

      2. Gosh, no need to apologise. There is too much awful stuff going on, which is most dispiriting, and I’ve not been keeping up either. Take care 🙂

  3. Your description made me chuckle and your photos made me gasp. I have learned a lot from this post and comments. You have a good little camera there Tish 🙂

  4. Amazing shots Tish! I felt like I could almost walk into one of those foxglove blooms myself. And as a sailor, I love your reference to Sat Nav which we rely on extensively since we cant read the stars and don’t have the intricate foxglove dots and splodges to guide us on the open ocean!

      1. Taking you to another dimension 🙂 Btw I missed replying to a very lovely comment you made re my corn field. It went to spam and when I took it out, it flew off somewhere else. But a belated thank you, Lisa.

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