Solitude Found At Penmon Point


Another Christmas shot from Ynys Mon, North Wales: Penmon Point Beach with Trwyn Du Lighthouse, and sea bird haven, Puffin Island, beyond.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude

31 thoughts on “Solitude Found At Penmon Point

  1. I always gravitate to a beach, Tish, and this is a great study. Funnily enough I was on a very pebbly one up our way this morning. 🙂 A friend has a cottage in Anglesey for a week in early March. We’re invited over for a couple of days. Trying to twist the beloved’s arm 🙂 Have a good weekend!

    1. Ah-ha. No. It’s me in the header – doing tai chi at Mitchells Fold stone circle. The figure on the beach is a chum, Bob, though he probably won’t recognise himself. Or maybe he will…

  2. Gorgeous photo, Tish. Penmon is on my list when I re-visit Anglesey this summer, so I will be following in your footsteps, with Llanddwyn Island to visit too. Thank you.

  3. Been there, many a time to photograph the lighthouse. Good photograph and the person on the beach gives some idea of the size. I live in Prestatyn, so I’ve got Talacre just down the road. Best time for me is winter when there are very few tourists around.

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